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The D2Goal Method Target Program 2024



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The D2Goal Method is for the Newly diagnosed who are looking for a proven solution and those who have tried a few things but still aren't where they want to be.   

If you are SERIOUS about reversing Type 2 Diabetes...
The D2Goal Method is for you!

Welcome To The D2Goal Method!

It's time to get crystal clear on the one thing you should be doing right now to beat T2 Diabetes!  
  • Blood Sugars Out Of Control?
  • Ever Asked Yourself...Well Just WHAT CAN I Eat?
  • Too Busy For Diabetes?
  • Tired All The Time?

This Is For:

  • People with Type 2 Diabetes who are newly diagnosed and serious about achieving normal blood sugars and avoiding side effects.  
  • People with Type 2 Diabetes who have  tried a few things and are still not where they want to be.

This Is Not For:

  • People with Type 2 Diabetes who are newly diagnosed and lookling for a quick fix or those who don't think it's a big deal.
  • People with Type 2 Diabetes who aren't willing to make any changes.

The Complete Target Foundation Level of our Signature Solution Series!

Finally...."Break The Code"of blood sugar control! 

The complete Clarity Course, Strategy Course and The Carb Decoder Course!


Thank you for showing your trust in us by purchasing the D2Goal Method!

We look forward to joining you on your journey to putting diabetes in your rear view mirror...

The D2Goal Team


What People Are Saying:

Debbie was a blessing! I had wandered around in the wilderness for years, both high and low sugars. My doctor sent me to her. Boy it was like a miracle, she talked to the doctor and he gave permission to change my insulin. She taught me how to eat a much healthier meal and still have the things I liked. I don't count calories, I now count carbohydrate. I eat out a lot and I can look at the menu and know how much insulin I need for that meal. Thank you Debbie!

Anna B. T2D since age 34

I was diagnosed with Type 2 after not feeling well for several weeks even though at the time I was exercising daily. It was true that I was not eating like I should but thought that the exercise and my active lifestyle of hiking, canoeing and outdoor activities with Scouts, would make up for poor food choices. After visiting with my doctor, it was confirmed I was diabetic with an A1C of 11.2. My doctor prescribed medication and recommended that I see Debbie Latham. His statement to me was, “she was the best in the business.” My scheduled appointment with Debbie was a real eye opener for me in terms of diet, exercise and medication. By following Debbie’s guidelines, I was able to manage my diabetes and bring it under control. She recommended different medications that fit better with my lifestyle and activity level. Along with her recommended diet changes and finding the medication that best fit me, I was able to drop my A1C down to 7.2 in just three months. I would readily recommend Debbie Latham for any dietary, diabetic or nutritional help you may need. She made all the difference in making my diabetic struggles successful and manageable.

Tracy J., Texas

I am able to control my blood sugar and my life now, things are not spiraling out of control. I have lost weight, I am able to eat a more balanced diet and feel that I am living a more healthy life because of her. I cannot say enough how thankful I am.

Belita G., Texas

I have worked with Debbie Latham for almost 10 years. She teaches most all of my diabetic patients. She is competent, caring and has very good communication skills. I trust Debbie as an excellent educator.

Dianne M. PA

I have worked with Debbie Latham for almost 4 years. In that time, I have sent all of my newly diagnosed diabetic patients and their families to her classes. Also, my new insulin starts and those needing a refresher have found her personalized, caring, and clear instruction on a complicated topic to be very helpful. She has even followed up with select patients who have more difficulty understanding how to manage their disease. She has been an excellent resource for me and a great point of contact for my patients. It is with my highest possible recommendation that I endorse her continued efforts in educating my diabetic patients.

Bryan W, MD, Texas