The magic of treating Type 2 Diabetes early!

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2018

When managing a chronic disease, it is important to start treatments early. This is particularly true of type 2 diabetes. A new study published in the journal Diabetes Care indicates that aggressive early treatment can help preserve the body's ability to manage blood sugar levels.

Most recommendations say that people who are newly diagnosed with diabetes should focus on eating a healthy diet and getting more exercise before resorting to medications. However, the new study suggests that this may not be the best advice.

A team of researchers from the UT Southwest Medical Center administered several different medications to a group of newly diagnosed diabetics and tracked the participants' health over a six-year period. The results showed that this early intervention preserved the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin, which is critical to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

"We can potentially change the course of this prevalent disease, which would represent a breakthrough," said lead researcher Ildiko Lingvay.

She added that current treatment standards, which focus on delaying medication use instead of lifestyle changes, could expose diabetics to extended periods of high blood sugar, which can be bad for health.


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