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clarity Dec 29, 2021

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Approach 2022 Motivated, Confident, and with a Sustainable Plan

We all know what it feels like to enter a new year disillusioned with New Years’ Resolutions. By the time you reach my age, you are pretty cynical about your success with your January “wish lists”.

HOW TO TURN THIS AROUND? Have a health challenge such as Type 2 Diabetes?
It’s important to turn it around!
I tend to have a weird energy that defies electronic devices (or that’s my theory!)
A phone or computer can be working great until you put it in my possession and
then normal processes, don’t process. This is an area of great frustration, but I
have learned to do one thing. Before I call for help, I have learned to stop and
check for updates. After installing any updates ... I reboot the device. Nine times
out of ten, this is enough for the device to begin operating efficiently....until next
time. There is one thing I am very certain of: Updates and reboots are essential
to me completing the tasks I need to do each day.

My life is no different. If I just plowed ahead, ignoring updates and refusing to
take time to reboot all during the year, my phone and computer would be
useless and I would be frustrated and discouraged. Sadly, many years I have did
just this with my life. I plowed ahead, reacting to what life threw at me, not
ever focusing on my desired goals, dreams, or desires....just existed in the rut of

As a life coach for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes, I know people are overtaxed
with daily choices.... about 35,000 per day.
Before 8am I make many decisions.

 I decide whether to wake up or push the snooze button,
 what to wear,
 whether to wash my hair or go another day,
 to eat breakfast and what to eat for breakfast.
 make decisions and answer texts from family and work.

These are just the decisions BEFORE the work day begins. With Type 2
Diabetes, you probably average more than 35,000 choices.
Our brains are bogged down with all of the extraneous decisions and our
efficiency declines with long before the end of the day. Now you might
understand how common it is to be exhausted at the end of a work day and
certainly too tired optional to-do list. The demands of life exceed your energy
level until you might find yourself just thinking ‘this is ADULT life’.
If our phones and computers need a reboot, don’t you think our minds need
the same?

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WHAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE IN MY BUSY LIFE. One year I was living right in the
midst of the rut I am describing to you. I was overwhelmed, I was successful with
my JOB but I was dissatisfied with my life, my weight, my motivation and
excitement for the future.
One day I was particularly overwhelmed with responsibilities and just thought “Is
this just how it is when you get older?” I took an afternoon off to get away by
myself and ask myself, WHAT DO I REALLY TO DO WITH THE REST OF MY LIFE? Do
I want to be in this exact place in 5 years? One of the frameworks I completed
that day that made such a difference are the ones I am going to give you over the
next few articles...the first one at the end of this blog. My answers that afternoon
surprised me and then motivated me. I felt an excitement that had been missing.
I began to get excited about the future and where I was headed.
A few very simple changes in the midst of my existing life made all the difference
in me reaching the next January just trailing into another year unmotivated and
discouraged.... resolved to the rut, and me reaching January 1 motivated,
empowered and excited about where I was going.

This is the PERFECT time to stop reflect, assess, and plan but first you have to
carve out a time to get away somewhere with no distractions of interruptions.
Within a couple of years, the frameworks I completed that afternoon and in the
successive years, the daily habits I established, and the targeted decisions I made
resulted in me leaving the rut to pursue working with clients online and starting a ministry to help others with a restart in life. My husband and I moved to Western
North Carolina from Texas and sometimes I do occasionally wake up
overwhelmed, but there is an excitement to my days that had been missing. I
know I am pursuing my dreams and doing the daily habits that result in where I
want to be in life. I am excited about all that is to come in 2022 and I am excited
to help you reflect, assess, and reboot.

Complete the reflection exercise on 2021.... write it with a pen and paper....not a
computer. There is something to putting it down in ink with your hand. Use the
worksheet to identify your most important values. This is one of the frameworks
in the Clarity section of The D2Goal Method where I help clients overcome Type 2
Diabetes and achieve life goals they may once have considered out of their reach.
After completing this framework, follow my next blog entry for the next step.
We only have one life. Live this life on purpose! The time to complete these
frameworks is the best gift you can give yourself for 2022. .

See you in the next blog. Get in a quiet place....the exercise is below.

The people I see win a the battle with this a health challenge such as diabetes are the ones that take time to establish a clear picture of the end game: Where they
desire to go, what they hope to achieve and then establish daily habits to get there. They are also people that apply a “grace” attitude to themselves. An attitude
of forgiveness for a lapse and therefore get back with their habits and prevent a “relapse.

It’s a time of reflection and a time to dream. Here’s to a happy, healthy 2022!

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